Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Own TV Favorites

// Comedy - Sitcoms - etc
Favorite Comedy (Hindi) : Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai (coz it covers all aspects of comedy)

Favorite Comedy (English) (FRIENDS not Allowed ;) )
Drew Carey Show (Amazingly Sarcastic) and equally Goodness Gracious Me (Really Hilarious) and more equally Mr Bean

// Soaps Reality Action etc etc
Favorite Show (Hindi) Movers and Shakers (was it Hindi ...)
Favorite Show (English) Worlds' Greatest Magic and Magic Tricks Unveiled (* World)

Favorite Cartoon(s) (no comments on language ... huh)
Equally : Dexter's Lab and The Simpsons

//Movie time
Favorite Hollywood Movie seen on TV only (Be honest) The Mummy and Mummy Returns

Favorite Bollywood Movie seen on TV only (Be honest)
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Favorite DD program (National or regional) (Chitrahaar excluded)
There were 2 programs (similar) > Living on the Edge (Niret Alva)
and Turning Point also The World this Week (NDTV)

Most Enjoyed Sport on TV : WWE Wrestling and Soccer

Favorite News Anchor: Vinod Dua (Parakh is/was amazing )
Favorite Talk Show anchor/hostess : Shekhar Suman

My Wishes/ opininons about the following channel groups (At least 2) :

Star Movies, HBO, Zee Studio: They are really good

Cartoon Network, POGO, Nickelodeon: Please Let user select the Language (i.e provide service both in Hindi as well as English coz 90% of their target audience knows English well)

Discovery Channel, Travel n Living Animal Planet, History, NGC:
Same As Above

Channel [V], MTV, ETC, ZeeMusic:
Less Ads will Help

Star World, Zee Cafe, Hallmark:
They are the best too

DD Sports is redundant must try to improve quality

Others: News Channels of India need better Weather Predictions (
Learn from BBC's Amazing Weather Reports)

ICC Subscribers can Curse Krackjack (Razzaq) Here (optional):
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Hey hope this MEME is Not boring


shreevardhini said...

Its a long and very detailed MEME... why is F.R.I.E.N.D.S not allowed?

Smita said...

I think u like very sensible comedy

Aditya Pethe said...

Dhaps you like WWE? Well "Jane bhi do yaaron" was definitely one movie i would have loved to watch in the theatres. Classic!!! In a lighter vein, nowhere near Jaani Dushman though is it? ;-)