Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Google Bombs - Any Others Please Tell

Google Bombs are sites put up by people with critical sense of humour at Google

When you type these strings and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" you get a Humorous Parody or somethin like that

Miserable Failure - This Led to George Bush's page in White House Website

French Military Victories - ??? try urself what appears

More Evil than Satan Himself --> this gave Microsoft

Weapons of mass destruction --> gave a page saying DNS ERROR Cannot find WMD

Elgoog - The google mirror image site

Please let me know of any more google bombs.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Indian News Channels - See It To Beleive It

The most hilarious stuff now a days one can watch are the number of Hindi (plus the few English ones) "NEWS Channels" (I am not including Business Channels).

The more you see it the more funny they get. The Aaj Tak News Readers have reached a new nadir where you can easily make out their fumbling and the way they try to ask questions to their own reporters.

"To Sudhanshu, Wahaan Vadodara Mein Kya Ho Raha Hai"
"Ji Shabnam, Yehaan jo rail haadsa hua hain, use dekhne bahut saare mantri aa pahunch rahe hain"
"To Sudhanshu Yeh Bataaiyen wahaan abhi kaun kaun se Neta Aaa Rahe hai"
.... Blah Blah Blah
Laloo Blurts out some "Chooha" and "Kuttey" to NM and Bajrang Dal
...Yada Yada Yada
"To Sudhanshu ab bataiyen whaan abhi kya honey walla hain ?"!!!!!!

and after 1/2 and hour the same questions were repeated ...

Even the weather is so stupidly boring (they dont even get satellite pics)

Hullo Intelligent Audience here ....
Atleast Sensible Audience Here
More So Sane Audience here...
Still More educated audience here...

Aren't These channels supposed to report news rather than discussing the "exact" happenings at the appropriate locations.

The ludicrous questions the readers ask must be recorded and played back for entertainment.
Still more almost all the channels (NDTV included) seemed to be biased towards the someone.

Worse still, check out the advertisements on INDIA and Aaj tak News . from genuine cotton underwear to genda brand Jhadoo all are covered ,the best being the Chainy Chainy paan masala and 502 pataka.

Then you must see the way the amateur news readers "READ THE NEWS" they get literally stuck at tough hindi words . Do you want a Sonia-like roman hindi ? So then should we watch these channels at all....
Yes coz there are true gems

The only saviours are listed below:

Prannoy Roy - He is the best guy for news (Remember the World this Week from 1987 to 1991)
Vinod Dua - creat cynic (Parakh was the best)
Rajat Kapoor - Great Composure
Saeed Naqvi - also writes in Editorials of leading newspapers
Karan Thapar - Hmm no doubts
Vir Sanghvi - Good one
Nalini Singh - Aankho dekhi
Prabhu Chawla - India Today ! and Tomorrow? (due apologies to Arindam Chaudhari and IIPM )
and a few others whom you ppl can remind me

I hope the aaj Taks and India Tv's and Sahara Samays and Zee news n Star News and NDTV INDIAs and others learn from their own goof ups and try getting Good News Rather tan more news or breaking News...

As an example of excellence we do have is CNBC TV18
- Profit from It and more so Learn from It

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Losing My Religion ! Or What?

Eventhough we met for probably the last time in college, we folks ended up discussing some silly topic as we did the first day of engineering (Our College started on 12th September 2001 and the topic was obvious -- In Pune Any "Intellectuals" start discussions on wierdest topics remember "Bajri Varche Keed" and "Thorle Bajirao Yanche Shudhdhalekhan"!!!).
This time it was - Have Hindus Lost Their Sense of Identity of Belonging To "Hindu" faith or some guys put it as Hindus feel ashamed of their religion. The topic rose from the fact that many people like me (a Kulkarni) met a fellow Marathi (a Pethe) and started talking in English. The discussion imbroiled into a debate on World Religion and Religious Politics.
The points that were stressed were "How do Catholic Missions Get So much Funding" whilst the new generations in the west are indifferent about religion. Also since there were no Muslims or Christians of my class involved (Who comes in Beginning of PL's anyway) we also discussed lots of stuff about Religious fundamentalism and how it is being used as ameans to get Power and sustain it.
Then again I tried to defend the Hindus saying that it has survived 4000 + years (with proof some say its 7000 years) of persecution and has evolved whereas other all used forced conversions and those religions who didn't spread through "evangelists" or "luring" never survived. By Its own openness and greatness our Hindu Religion has survived and is thriving.
Finally we all agreed that in few years Indian Youth read us will sowly pay less attention to religion (similar to the west) and then what about the Hindu Faith Identity crisis???
None of us Hindus ever have a common ritual (religious) by which we can proudly say that this and this is done by all Hindus. Well we concluded that the main feature of being a Hindu is to accept the right in your own way (but then the lines between right and wrong are so obscure).

I wonder if this discussion served any purpose but it was enough to pass time till the peon put up notice for our LAST EVER Oral and practical exam.

Please let me know some of your views on Hindu faith or religion...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

My First Blog Created At Last

Hey Folks,

Finally I have my own Blog.

I have chosen "googlespeak" as it resembles NEWSPEAK (read "1984 "if you haven't). Well, I mean to convey that I rely on Google so much (and will continue to, till a better Search engine arrives) that I speak and think like Google (hey thanks to Larry and Sergei again).

Firstly I would comment on the Title
were the principles of INGSOC in Big Brother's Oceania (1984 again)
So I combined it with another well known proverb...

Secondly I would like to thank Salil Bijur who inspired me to create my blog
Atta boy Bijur - Don Quick Sort :P

Last But Not The Least I would like to mention that as my BE closes to an end I feel more and more worried of my future, and others' futures too. I hope to get valuable feedback from this blog.