Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Hindi - No Hindi Debate

Watch non-multilingual Indians lash out at each other here and refer the story above too ...
the first comment (from some Debashish Roy) seems to me is a Bengali who is in USA lashing out at Tamilians who don't know Hindi.. Ha ha .. talk about the diversity here :D

Grow up folks ... If we really have a national language, it must be gibberish !!!! Best option is as thus - let each Indian have her/his own national language :D -

The National Language Algorithm v1.0
// Hindi Speaking Area includes the "cowbelt" and Mumbai which is the capital of UP
enum Lang GetNationalLanguage(Indian desi)
if( desi.mother_tongue != Lang.Hindi)
if(desi.AreaOfStay == GetAreaByLanguage(Lang.Hindi) )
if(desi.wellKnownLanguage == English && desi.dontLikeHindi)
LearnLanguageToSurvive(desi, Lang.Hindi); // study only little Hindi to survive
return Lang.English;
return Lang.Hindi;
else // if you stay in a non-Hindi State or out of Mumbai (capital of UP)
if(desi.wellKnownLanguage != Lang.English)
LearnLanguageToSurvive(desi, Lang.English); // study only little English to survive

// Now you must know English
return Lang.English; // English becomes National Language if u dunno Hindi


Problem Solved .. If you stay up North learn Hindi. If you do not stay in Hindi areas - you should at least know English ...
Don't be freaking Language imperialist in your own nation... our heritage is too precious and too ancient to be involved in a linguistic majority-minority debates and brawl ..... ... Let's just be Good Indians .. Good desis ...

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Riya said...

Yup right!! Y fight on language?? Use the one which u like & others can understand, at times the one which others dont understand is also beneficial...when u dont want others to know what u r talking about ...hehe :)