Monday, February 08, 2010

Stopping Tiger Woods on a Snowy evening II

Though this gentleman has already made an Elin version I am writing my own Tiger Woods version of the fiasco - Here goes

Which club she held the caddy knows
My birdie game was over though
No one had seen me f%&* around
Or saw my texts or checked my dough

The Escalade must think it queer
To smash into the Hydrant near
My Windermere home with Mrs awake
I shudder thinking 300 million at stake

She calls 911 I dare to shake
She tells me Ive done a huge mistake
The only other sound seems TMZ
Of easy scandal if Rachel Spake

Tiger's Woods are lonely dark and deep
I have my prenup agreement to keep
And holes to go before I sleep
And holes to go before I sleep ...

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