Friday, April 22, 2005

Indian News Channels - See It To Beleive It

The most hilarious stuff now a days one can watch are the number of Hindi (plus the few English ones) "NEWS Channels" (I am not including Business Channels).

The more you see it the more funny they get. The Aaj Tak News Readers have reached a new nadir where you can easily make out their fumbling and the way they try to ask questions to their own reporters.

"To Sudhanshu, Wahaan Vadodara Mein Kya Ho Raha Hai"
"Ji Shabnam, Yehaan jo rail haadsa hua hain, use dekhne bahut saare mantri aa pahunch rahe hain"
"To Sudhanshu Yeh Bataaiyen wahaan abhi kaun kaun se Neta Aaa Rahe hai"
.... Blah Blah Blah
Laloo Blurts out some "Chooha" and "Kuttey" to NM and Bajrang Dal
...Yada Yada Yada
"To Sudhanshu ab bataiyen whaan abhi kya honey walla hain ?"!!!!!!

and after 1/2 and hour the same questions were repeated ...

Even the weather is so stupidly boring (they dont even get satellite pics)

Hullo Intelligent Audience here ....
Atleast Sensible Audience Here
More So Sane Audience here...
Still More educated audience here...

Aren't These channels supposed to report news rather than discussing the "exact" happenings at the appropriate locations.

The ludicrous questions the readers ask must be recorded and played back for entertainment.
Still more almost all the channels (NDTV included) seemed to be biased towards the someone.

Worse still, check out the advertisements on INDIA and Aaj tak News . from genuine cotton underwear to genda brand Jhadoo all are covered ,the best being the Chainy Chainy paan masala and 502 pataka.

Then you must see the way the amateur news readers "READ THE NEWS" they get literally stuck at tough hindi words . Do you want a Sonia-like roman hindi ? So then should we watch these channels at all....
Yes coz there are true gems

The only saviours are listed below:

Prannoy Roy - He is the best guy for news (Remember the World this Week from 1987 to 1991)
Vinod Dua - creat cynic (Parakh was the best)
Rajat Kapoor - Great Composure
Saeed Naqvi - also writes in Editorials of leading newspapers
Karan Thapar - Hmm no doubts
Vir Sanghvi - Good one
Nalini Singh - Aankho dekhi
Prabhu Chawla - India Today ! and Tomorrow? (due apologies to Arindam Chaudhari and IIPM )
and a few others whom you ppl can remind me

I hope the aaj Taks and India Tv's and Sahara Samays and Zee news n Star News and NDTV INDIAs and others learn from their own goof ups and try getting Good News Rather tan more news or breaking News...

As an example of excellence we do have is CNBC TV18
- Profit from It and more so Learn from It


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