Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Google Bombs - Any Others Please Tell

Google Bombs are sites put up by people with critical sense of humour at Google

When you type these strings and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" you get a Humorous Parody or somethin like that

Miserable Failure - This Led to George Bush's page in White House Website

French Military Victories - ??? try urself what appears

More Evil than Satan Himself --> this gave Microsoft

Weapons of mass destruction --> gave a page saying DNS ERROR Cannot find WMD

Elgoog - The google mirror image site

Please let me know of any more google bombs.


anish said...

do you not know litigious bastards returns the SCO group ? Quite a well known bomb.
a search for liar returns Tony Blair.
arabian gulf returns the persian gulf.

try these on google :
nigritude ultramarine
seraphim proudleduck

visit Wiki:Google Bombs


Nikhil K said...

Great. How come no one had taken a domain such as Google Speak before you? A major oversight, maybe.

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