Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another Miserable Semester draws to a gruesome end. Luckily its my last BE one.
There are very few steps to succeed in Engineering Exams:
Step 1: Buy Jigars
Step 2: Read Jigars' Questions
Step 3: Find out if that answer is correct.

By The Time you accomplish step 3 you will already have excelled in that subject.

Step 4: Do Jigars (u know the meaning by the time ur in TE)
Step 5: And did i forget "Jigars"


Some interesting lines I have come across in Pune's Local Author Books and Jigar's

This question is wrong. (8 mark ques!!!)

The author was unable to solve the problem, Kindly visit our website for updated answers

Due to unknown reasons the authors of his book were not able to answer this question.

The most common Jigar Errors

a) Q2a May 2003 (8marks ) Please refer Q6b Dec 2001
Q6b Dec 2001 (6marks) Please refer Q 10c May 2002
Q10c May 2002 (6 marks) Please refer Q6b Dec and Q 2a May 2003
(I have actually seen this thrice in one SE subject's Jigar)

b) You get wrong answers for All the Solved Numericals in One Paper

c) 10 marks questions' answers in 3-4 lines

But Some papers would have never seemed conquerable if we didnt have Jigar's.

and After nearly 6 months of slow reading
(Upto 4 parts)

So Long and Thanks for all the Best Of Lucks For the Exams


Salil said...

Umm.. could you pl lower down the 'Khajur' bit? I dont find dates too palatable, and dont get any dates either ;-)!

anish said...

bad news for u dude, the hitchikers guide is 5 parts plus one short story.... the the last ones are the worst.. douglas adams was once famously asked, 'What made you write a trilogy in 5 parts ?'

Forget banning Daid Lane's book,they should ban Jigar. more khajurs for bijur !!

The paranoid android said...

ya there's "mostly harmless" n "young zaphod plays it safe"..but both r pretty boring..n puh leez keep the khajur,i cen bug him for ages about it..hey, did u get that official unlimited broadband thingie??

ps: i've restarted blgging

Nikhil K said...

'Due to some AMBIGUITY in the question...'.
I will never forget that peculiar phraesology.