Friday, June 24, 2005

Book Tag MEME

Ye ol' bookie tagg thats been doin rounds I say, hath finally come to me.

Here :

Total Number of Books I own:
None, ab tak baap ke paise se hi book khareeda. Wait till August 05, my first payday then I would have bought some and filled in something here. However the number of books I have Dhaapofied (never returned after borrowing ..has contributed to my nickname being Dhaps apart from the extra eyes) is pretty high .

Last book I bought:
With the help of my dad's money I proudly bought the Jigar Series of Paper Solutions. No comments on these "books" . The real buy was the pirated Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I admire this guy though I am finding a bakra (or bakri) to lend me Deception Pt. and Angels 'n Demons.

Last book I read:
The Leader and The Damned (Colin Forbes):
Another World War II setting where Stalin's treachery defeats the brilliance of an imposter posing as Adolf Hitler after the real Fuhrer is assasinated. Surprising data revealed in the end of the book and a good plot.

5 Books That Mean A Lot To Me:

1. Poona Company - Farroukh Dhondy
This amazing book describes childhood and youth of the author in the early and mid sixties in our very own Poona (not to be confused with Pune). This book was so amazing that till date I remember every main characters in it though I read it 5 years back. The book mentions Bishops , Vincents and my own Dastur schools; Wadia College and full Camp area in fine detail and the evergreen Parsi settins is still afresh in my mind. Must read for Puneites.

2. Obviously 1984 and Animal Farm
Though I have clubbed the two together, I find them together the most fantastic pieces of literature in the past, present or future (The 4 VEDAs are not literature for me). Unlike Salil, I understood Trotsky and Stalin very early and also WW2 in Animal Farm and while reading 1984 I achieved Nirvana in understanding socialism. Though in the back of my mind I admire the two totalitarians Nazi and Soviet these books left a deep impression on my approach towards society.

3. Treausre Island RL Stevenson
This classic is a classic Admiral Benbow, Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Benn Gunn, etc etc. Its a pity if you haven't read this book.

4. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Chamber Of Secrets, Order of The Phoenix, Philosopher's Stone.

Order Important. JK Rowling is great..

5. Too many books I cut the list short

I would say that Dan Brown's a genius, The Enid Blyton Series and Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Series were great, Michael Chrichton rocks (no matter how you pronounce his surname) and the fiction writers Archer, Forsyth, Ludlum, Sheldon, Puzo are all brilliant.

Five People to Tag:
I am new to blogging but would like to tag

Aditya Pethe :He Lent Me so many books
Mihir Shah: Lets learn about weapons
Ganesh Hegde : Let us C ??
Anish - the Hitchhiker
Myself : Recursion ki aadat jaati nahi.

Note: Did mention some guy called Doug Adams?


Nikhil K said...

Celebrations over, what are your plans now?

Shriniwas Kulkarni said...

Nothing Much, as Sudarshan says, I now an outsourcee at PSPL. Will come for all open quizzes though.

$uparna said...

hey...nice some interesting posts esp. bout engg !! easy to strike a chord with those...:)
anyways all the best with life after B.E !!

shreevardhini said...

hey, by recommending 3 books that I havent had the fortune of reading as yet, you've almost given me a new lease on life-have been starving for something good to read.Thanks :-)

Mihir Shah said...

Also read "The Year of The Golden Ape" by Colin forbes, and "The Hunt For Red October" by Tom Clancy. Really nice books

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