Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Some Poetry

Since MSEB gives us 4 hours every day to use our creative skills, I finally used the time to write a poem. Please leave brickbats and bouquets(I hope) as comments here itself. :)

Here It Goes:

The Digital Age

- Shriniwas Kulkarni

As Mankind turns a brand new page
We find ourselves in the Digital Age
The Age of the silicon craze
Whose chips promise Happy Days
The Age of gizmos, gadgets galore
These toys that attract grown-ups more

The Age that speaks a language new
Of DIMM Sticks, Webcams, 3D view
Of bits, MPEGs, storage space
Of upgrades, downloads, the Cyber Race
Of Mother Boards and Serial Ports
Of Add-on-cards and EA Sports*

This Age that obeys Moore's Law
It captivates us with shock n awe
We plug ourselves to this crazy mire
Of Disks, Drives and FireWire*
Of websites, chatrooms, MP3*
We try so hard to use for free

This Age reads electronic mails
Has online auctions, online sales
We "surf the net" we scour the "sites"
We upload, download megabytes
We're crazy about network speeds,
Onboard LANs and E-Book Reads

This Age that harbors network spies
Has virus, worms and chatroom lies
An Age of hacking n DOS Attacks
Of Cracking Software, Service Packs
Of data streams and flow control
Of Instant Messaging n Blog Rolls

The Myriad World of Video Games
Simulate a City or Aeroplanes
Of 3D Wolf* and Counter Strike*
The Age of Empires* that few dislike
In Online chess we rack our head
In Need of Speed we race ahead

Our Cellphones to all we like to show
We stay connected, w'ever we go
We click and share, we tape what's said
We Transfer stuff through Infra Red
Always our gadgets follow us
We stay on track by GPS

This awesome Age that's superfast
Whats new today, never lasts
We scramble for the latest stuff
We upgrade though its not enough
This Crazy World - a GigaByte Rage
We Proudly call The Digital Age


* = These May be brandnames and copyrighted

So All the trademarked names used belong to their respective companies.
This poem does not mean to use them for any sort of commercial use ....
so please do not sue :)

No harm meant for Analog Electronics because it still rocks :P


Aditya Pethe said...

Hmm letting ur gussa out I see. Nice

anish said...

Hats off to you, and your rage;
You truly know this day and age.

Aditya Pethe said...

which is just trapping man in a cage.
(Just carrying forward the torch of the poets :-))

Mihir Shah said...

bery bery nice... keep it up

ash said...

Digital Age, Digital Age,
You went on saying Page by Page.

With every stanza every line,
This brand new age you did define.

From this grand effort to display techno-love,
Abundant as seen by the poem above,

I thought I might offer too,
My comments as requested by you.

A good job done I must congratulate,
Looking forward for more at a future date.

MSEB powercuts, a curse before,
Now,its what Shriniwas has in store.

Aditya Pethe said...

thanx a lot dhaps for this kavi sammelan . :-)

Aditya Pethe said...

Html tags did not work right. Wanted to say "Thax a lot for the KAVI SAMMELAN Dhaps"


Shriniwas Kulkarni said...

Surprisingly MSEB didnt cut power for my area for the last few days.
My crazy poem did something I guess !!! Or maybe Ajit Pawar visiting his Gokhalenagar House :)

shreevardhini said...

have tagged you; you obviously know about the tag meme thing, if not refer to "Untagging the Tag" on my blog. have fun 'untagging' the tag :-)